1. Equipping and strengthening of Operation Rainbow with equipment and manpower for intelligence gathering, early warning and intervention, and coordinating the multiple stakeholders to share intelligence and role management. 
  2. Deployment of technology and GIS in the fight against insecurity using long range thermal cameras, GIS maps and geotagging of communities, provision of night vision system and drones.
  3. Developing a Security Management System that will gather intelligence, provide early warning to communities and provide real time monitoring to the security agencies and community vigilante.
  4. Complimenting through the provision of equipment and improved welfare of the existing security Agencies and integrating them to the Community Police structure of Operation Rainbow.
  5. Promoting the idea of Community Policing and the involvement local Vigilante and hunters in the fight against insecurity and integrating them in Operation Rainbow
  6. Improve on the existing Peace building processes in conflict-prone communities and prioritizing mediation efforts among communities.