It is with immense pleasure, humility, and a deep sense of responsibility that I write to express my thanks and appreciation to the delegates of our great party the All Progressive Congress (APC) for showing faith in our movement – Generation Next as the best platform to entrust the mandate of our party into the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

We have taken time to meet with the leaders of our party, engaged the public and different groups from all parts of the state, and this outcome is a product of long hours of brainstorming and constructive engagements indeed we are energized and excited that the party has identified with our movement and has chosen us to fly the party flag as the gubernatorial candidate of the APC.

To all my fellow aspirants, we open our arms and welcome all of you to join us in the task of building Plateau state. There is much value to add and I look forward to your constructive ideas as we join hands under the platform of our party.

Yes, the campaigns were robust and at times rowdy, enmeshed with conspiracy theories, and accusations and counteraccusations were thrown about – we take it as part of the process. We have always believed that as a family the primary process is important in raising the best candidate for the party, once over we need to embrace the outcome and forge forward towards the general elections.

To the people of Plateau State, we look forward to sharing our vision with you. We look forward to engaging the electorates on all platforms – in print, on-air, and online. We will sell our ideas of transformation and value-addition, without insults and name-calling. We will be respectful and expect the same. As we submit our structures and platform to the bigger platform of our great party, our vision and mandate will not change – our motivation to have a Secured, United and Prosperous Plateau state remains the same

Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda

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