1. Resuscitation of the Plateau Agricultural Development Program (PADP) and Agricultural Services and Training Center Ltd (ASTC) with new mandate to support extension services to farmers, create markets and commercialization of agriculture.
  2. Acquiring of clearing/earth moving equipment and machineries for PADP to open up farm lands in Wase, Shendam, Quanpan and Langtang South. The new farm lands will target increasing rice production at the downstream sector.
  3. Selecting of Potato, Maize, Rice, Avocado and Assorted vegetables as major crops for the state to invest in, organize the farmers into cooperatives in these crop categories, support the cooperatives to access and manage tractors, small harvesters, farm machines and access loans and developing the entire value chains (The Down, Mid and Upstream Sectors) of these selected crops.
  4. Upgrading of the Potato Tissue Culture Laboratory in Mangu and partnering with a Private sector consortium to produce high yielding seeds for farmers. Give subsidy to farmers on the improved potato seeds
  5. The state will develop and improve on the earth dams constructed under the African Development Bank programme, organize 30,000 household beneficiaries that will use irrigation system to have 3 planting circles in a year and cumulatively cultivate 20,000 hectares of potato. The farmers will use the improve potato seed from the Potato Tissue Culture Laboratory to improve the yield from the current 3 Tonnes per Hectare to 20 Tonnes per Hectare. These group of farmers are targeted to produce 1,200 Metric Tonnes of potato per annum
  6. Using Satellite mapping (GIS) to detect seasonal problems regarding nutrient deficiencies, pests, diseases and tracing destruction of crops by cattle across the state.
  7. Creation of an Agriculture Produce Commodity Exchange Market, Agriculture Insurance Service and off-taker services for farmers. This is targeted at providing regulatory incentives and reducing the losses by farmers at the downstream sector.
  8. Take advantage of the Power from NESCO, Inland container Deport at Heipang and the Designation of the Jos Airport to a Cargo Terminal to create an enabling environment by creating a Potato Processing Hub in Barkinladi for the indigenous entrepreneurs to drive processing of potato into Potato Starch, pealed Potato, community brewery and potato flour.
  9. Organize Agro Sector entrepreneurs, support them to acquire land and provide counterparty equity in addition to the state Government standing as a Guarantor to enable them access funding/loans from Bank of Industry and other donor Agencies for Agricultural activities to fast-track industrialization through small and medium scale industries. This programme will focus on processing of Potato, Rice, vegetables, milk and poultry products.
  10. Reinvest and expand the Bokkos Fertilizer Blending Plant to produce fertilizer fitting to our soil based on soil test results and feedback from farmers.
  11. Support entrepreneurs to invest in Livestock Production (especially in Rabbit, Sheep, Goat, Cattle, Pigs and Poultry), through artificial insemination programme increase milk and meat production, organize the animal farmers into cooperatives, support the cooperatives to acquire land, equipment and access loans to develop the value chains .
  12. Liaising with National Institute for Veterinary Research (NIVR), Vom, Root Crop Research Institute, Vom and Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to provide best practice trainings in animal and crop productions for youths, women and people living with disabilities.

The Agricultural sector is targeted to create 100,000 new direct and indirect agro-based jobs along the value chain of which minimum of 75% must be youths, women and people living with disabilities by the end of 2027